Tulips and Travel | Amsterdam 2016

24 / 10 / 16 – 30 / 10 / 16

It’s been a fair while since I actually took this trip to Amsterdam – the video is easily dated by my hair being a) blonde b) short c) fringe-less – but I still have vivid memories of the place despite my awful memory…


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Ganesha and Gold || Snapshot of Bang Khla


Bang Khla
5/1/18 – 9/1/18

The Bang Khla District, in the Chachoengsao Province, is an area of Thailand that I honestly hadn’t heard of before I went there. After a week in the busy Bangkok centre, it was quite refreshing to hop in a taxi and drive to the quieter and more rural area of Bang Khla. Not only that but, since we were there for a family wedding, it was lovely to be surrounded by so many people I hadn’t seen in far too long! It may have been a short stay, but it really was something else.

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Patpong and Pocky || A Snapshot of Bangkok


Bangkok, Thailand
30/12/17  –  4/1/18

11 years ago I came to Thailand. I thought that had been my first venture in this wonderful country, but I very recently learned I came when I was 6 weeks old. So, having visited the first time when I was less than a year old and the second when I was 7, it’s fair to say that this visit will be the first I actually remember. And I hope I do, and for a very long time. A travel video will be coming sometime soon but for now here are some snaps I took during the first part of my trip.

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The Lake District || A Family Holiday

15 / 7 / 17 – 22 / 7 / 17

Part of my A-Level English Lit. course required researching literary critics to find quotes for essays. Once when I was doing some said research I came across John Muir and a number of his quotes, many of which ended up in my essays. But there was one in particular that I thought was so beautiful although I never really understood personally until this holiday, and that quote was:

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” 

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96 Hours in Paris

9/07/ 17 – 12/ 07/ 17

There’s an unspoken truth about the end of A-Levels: as soon as you and your friends have finished all your exams you pack a bag, board a plane, and head off somewhere exciting. For many that’s to Magaluf or Ibiza – but that’s never really been my kind of thing. So my friend and I instead decided to grab a different ticket and to explore La Ville-Lumière!

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22 / 4 / 17 || Grinshill

I am breaking my two month hiatus with this short little snapshot of my life video!

Back in April, when the weather was unnaturally beautiful for English Spring-time, my family and I decided to take the dogs to a place called Grinshill for a walk all around the nearby woods. Continue reading

Canada 2016

So as you’ll know this Summer I went on a Road Trip around Canada with my parents and as you might’ve expected I got a fair amount of footage from that holiday; 2 and a half weeks worth of footage actually! Here’s a little montage showing where I went and what kind of shenanigans I got up to!

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A Trip to Bruges || 2015


As I was trawling through my Photos on a little journey to the past I stumbled across a bunch of footage from my trip to Bruges last year which I hadn’t done anything with! I went with my Mum and my brother following my GCSE exams, which seemed to go on for forever, so this was a really lovely holiday.

I love making these type of videos because they really act like a little souvenir of that time and that place and so this was made! I hope you enjoy it and don’t mind it’s un-bookish-ness (which is definitely not a word!).

Searching for Shakespeare




Firstly hello and welcome to ‘Paris in the Rain 2.0’ also known as ‘A Fresh Start’

It’s nice to see you here if you’re from my old blog and it’s even lovelier to see a couple of new faces!

Anyway let’s get to the point…

During my last half term  -which admittedly was quite some time ago now-  I had a week to hibernate and revise. However my parents were kind enough to whisk me away for the day to the home of Shakespeare: Stratford-upon-avon! I had wanted to go there for a while and so we thought this would be a perfect opportunity. The weather was incredible considering it was Halloween -well I did say it was quite a while ago! We were comfortable walking around all day in jumpers and jeans and I had an opportunity to wear one of my favourite jumpers and a pair of new boots which I thought went perfect together.  We didn’t necessarily do much; we aimlessly wandered around the adorable old-timey streets, had tea outside cute little cafés, did a little shopping and of course did some Shakespeare sight-seeing. If you follow my Twitter account or know me then you’ll know how much I adore English and reading and so it won’t be a surprise when I tell you that I love Shakespeare. It was so lovely seeing the places he lived and worked. It was just a wonderful day overall really. I can’t wait to go again!

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