New Years Resolutions for 2018


A self-portrait :  29 / 12 / 17

Hello there 2018!
I, like many others, am hoping that this year will be the sensational third act of this three-year-long tragicomedy. 2017 was a good year for me; I saw my short film being made into a real tangible thing, I completed my A-Levels with pretty pleasing results, I went to film school, and I moved to London for University! So I can only hope that 2018 is even better. As they say: ‘new year, new me’!

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New Years Resolutions

Before you say anything, I know this is fairly late in the month to start talking about New Years Resolutions but better late than never right?

I have always been someone who sets resolutions for the New Year, in fact I’ve published blog posts about my resolutions for 2015 and for 2016. I find that if I tell the internet I have to hold myself to them!  And I will be doing the same today and probably for years to come.

I briefly want to look back at my resolutions for 2016 and I think, on the whole, I did quite good:

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My New Year Resolutions for 2016

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One of my favourite photos from my holiday to Bruges


Spending a day at Wenlock Books was honestly such a highlight for me!


Me and my best friend at our prom!

I’m feeling very nostalgic as I write this with a large hot chocolate close to hand and Star Wars: A New Hope on in the background. I can clearly remember writing my resolutions for 2015 – which I actually stuck to really well. I was sat in my old school hall in a study session during my GCSE mocks; specifically I can remember a friend of mine who was sat diagonally across from me turning around and giving me a glare for typing so much as she was actually doing her PE mock! It’s baffling to think how much has changed since then; I completed my GCSE’s with results that I was incredibly pleased with, I started book blogging here, I began #ukyachat-ing, I turned 16 (and saw Hamlet ahh!), I moved house, I started a new school and I’ve made some wonderful new friends. I’m really hoping for a bit of a breather this year!

Anyway, onto my actual resolutions:

1. Read 50 books

Last year I said I wanted to read 25 books and I actually managed to double that so this year I want to see if I can keep that up and potentially exceed it. But I won’t be pressuring myself, I want to remember that reading is my passion and hobby!

2. Cut down on sugary food & drink

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and I know it’s not particularly good for me so this year I really want to strive to be better; I think I’ll be starting by buying a nice new water bottle.

3. Condense my TBR pile

I’ve somehow accumulated a tonne of unread books recently. They’re overflowing! I have one entire shelf dedicated to TBRs, two stacks beneath my dressing table from the floor upwards, and one stack on my bedside table. It’s getting ridiculous. My plan is to hold back on buying books – hence my asking for book vouchers for Christmas – and to just work my way through what I already have.

4. Continue working on my French, Latin and Italian

In my last year’s resolutions I mentioned continuing with some languages and starting a new one. I’m taking both French and Latin at A Levels and although I definitely think I’ve improved in both since last year but I always want to get better; I’ll be reading, writing and YouTube-ing in French a lot more this year. I also began learning Italian, which I’m really enjoying, and again I’d like to improve in this!

5. Cut down on meat

Also if you can remember my resolutions last year then you’ll know that I decided to give up red meat for at least a year – which I did and will continue to do! This year I want to eat even less meat; I’ll be investing in a good vegetarian cookbook and shall try not to kill anybody whilst attempting the recipes!

And there we have it! I’m not going into this year with exceedingly high hopes or dreams but with an open mind instead.  I wish you all an incredible 2016 and I hope that it’s filled with everything you desire.


Sorry Mum, I know you’ll hate this but I absolutely adore this photo from our trip to Nice!


Going to the Olivier Awards for the second time this year was so much fun!

New Year Resolutions





Yes I know it is the 14th of January and yes it has almost been two weeks since I last posted and yes this is a peculiar time to be posting my resolutions for 2015 but oh well I’m doing it now and you cannot stop me!  Before I begin I should just let you know that I am writing this sat in the hall of my school during my mocks. Obviously I’m not doing an exam – that’d just be messed up priorities! – I am just ‘revising’.  Well I’ve done enough revision over the past months (which is why the lack of posts) and so I have about an hour to get this post written and online. I doubt I need an hour but who knows.

So I’m one of those annoying people who believe whole-heartedly in the New Year, New You thing. And as I mentioned in my previous post this year is a pretty big year for me. Lots of things in my life are going to be changing and so it’s the perfect time to change myself. So here they are:-

1. Have more fruit 

When I was younger I made it my mission to avoid all fruit and vegetables. For some reason that mission was never completed. I’m stubborn okay! Thing is I actually love fruit; since buying my new blender I have had so much more fruit than normal and it’s fantastic!

2. No red meat (for at least a year)

This one is a bit weird and I find it hard to explain why I gave it up – it’s been over a month now and I’ve not had one bite. It’s mainly to do with keeping healthy along with some other random things. I’ll spare you the details.

3. Bike / exercise / move more

Another common one here but I have my own special ways of achieving it. This may sound lazy but I’m going to start doing this later in the year: around summertime. The weather will be nicer and I’ll actually want to bike!  By focusing on eating better now it’ll be easier to exercise more later.

4.  Start learning a new language & improve my French

I adore learning languages. I think this has to do with travelling so much; I basically grew up hearing a tonne of different languages and voices. I like to think my French is pretty good but I want to become fluent – which isn’t something that I can do within a year. So I’m trying to journal in French and I’m trying to find ways to practise speaking it. I am hoping to learn two more languages now -one I’ve already studied and one entirely new- and it’s going well so far.

5. Read 25 books 

Last year I read over 25 books although I can’t quite remember the exact number. I’d like to read more than this but as I’ve got a lot of exams at the moment and in the near future I wanted to keep the number small. Also I’m trying not to buy any books until I’ve read all the ones on my shelf that I haven’t read.

And that’s pretty much it!  I’m fairly certain I can keep these going for a year and hopefully for longer.  I’d love to hear what type of resolutions you guys had? Any the same as mine? Let me know!  I thought it’d be nice to share some good memories from 2014 in pictures along with my hopes for 2015.  It really was an incredible year: it’ll be a hard one to beat.